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  • Marissa

Getting Ready for Your Boudoir Session

In my humble opinion, every woman should have a boudoir session done! It can change how you view yourself and help you learn to love the skin you’re in, possibly for the first time! I could give you a million reasons to do a boudoir session, but we can talk about that later. 

Today I want to talk to those of you who have an upcoming session or are getting ready to plan for one. This is a list of things to consider, please comment below with any questions so I can see if there is anything I have left out!

1. Find the photographer you love. Not all boudoir photographers are the same, their photography styles can vary. I love a little bit moodier style, others go for bright and airy. I also will be silly and shout things like “fart” to get you to laugh. I like to enjoy our time, laughing, talking and getting to know you while we celebrate your beauty. I want to see the real you, many of my favorite photos come from you being yourself. When you have a photographer you feel comfortable with and resonate with, you will feel more relaxed and at ease about the whole experience. Your photos will in turn be better.

2. Drink plenty of water. The daily recommendation is 8 glasses a day, do what you can starting a week before your session. Your body will thank you by feeling hydrated and happy. Added bonus, your skin will look gorgeous!

3. Stretch. At least a week before your session, start doing your stretches. Follow the stretching exercises in the Prep Guide so you are limber and ready to work it during your session.  I promise you, if you do, you will save yourself soreness the next day! You want to work on the neck and low back to give them a little extra flexibility and comfort in moving. 

4. Avoid drastic changes to hair and skin prior to your session. You might be dying to try a fun new hair color, but what if you end up hating it, it doesn’t turn out as planned? Those are changes to be made after your session or at least 6 weeks prior, that way you have time to correct anything. Your photos should be a reminder of how beautiful you are, not a reminder of how much you hated red hair on your normally blonde head. Tanning is another thing to make sure you know how your body responds. Being blotchy, sunburnt or having a reaction to spray tan is all something to find out about months before your session!

5. Wear loose fitting clothes to your session. This helps avoid red marks and indentations that socks, tighter pants or jeans, and some bras could leave. Take that day to be a sweats and tank top kind of girl, embrace the comfy, let it all be loose because lines will not be Photoshopped out. 

6. Arrive with clean hair. Clean hair photographs the best, and for beautiful curls or luscious big hair, it really works best. In a wedding situation with an updo, dirty hair can be good but for our purposes clean hair is queen!

7. Share inspiration with your photographer. Creating a Pinterest board of styles and poses you like can always be a good thing, that way the photographer knows what you are drawn to. It helps me to plan some of your session and fuel my creativity. 

8. Remember to grab anything of significance. Be sure to decide if there is anything you really want included in your photos. Such as your husband's guitar, your grandmother's pearls, his fire gear (or your own), anything you want to incorporate into the session that would give it more meaning to you. It provides so much joy when looking at the photos and gives your memories an extra happy boost! 

9. Breathe! Nerves are completely normal but I promise you they go away in the first 5-10 minutes of your session. You may be stressed trying to find the right outfits, worrying about getting your nails done and having time for everything. When you find that happens, pause, breathe, and step into the fact that you are doing this amazing experience for you. This is your time and everything will all work out just fine!

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