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  • Marissa

Little Big Lies… (where no one ends up dead)

Snoopy husbands… Bless their hearts for caring so much, they love to know everything we are doing with our days. On most days that might not be an issue, but when you’re trying to surprise them with boudoir photos, that’s a BIG pain in the tush! Today I want to talk about a few things you can say to him to still keep it a secret.

1. Tell him you’re going to a Mary Kay/Limelife/Younique makeover party. He doesn’t know that hair isn’t done at a makeover party. You’ll come home all dolled up and he will just think how beautiful you look.


2. This one is more for the brides, tell him you’re having your hair and makeup trial for your wedding. You could also replace wedding with some event you have coming up. 

3. My friend (Susan) is practicing her hair and makeup skills and needs some models to practice on. Just make sure that your friend is on the same page in case your partner asks.

4. They were doing free makeovers at the mall/store today! Men and malls… you’ll lose him right there and he won’t ask any further questions. In fact he may just take you out on a date because you look so beautifully glammed up it would be a shame to stay home!

5. I have a workshop to attend. If you tell him its half a day or all day, it cuts the chances he’s going to try call during that time and then be worried if he doesn’t hear from you for a few hours. 

6. I’m going to go shopping for your birthday/anniversary/Christmas present. Insert some upcoming celebration here. Again, its shopping, most men don’t want to know anything more and are secretly hoping you won’t ask them to go. They’ll be glad you went by yourself. 

7. I’m taking some me time. They could be thinking it’s a spa day, you’re getting your hair and nails done, you’re just telling your S.O. that you need a little time for you, not a far stretch since this is all about you. 

8. If he catches you throwing some lingerie into a bag, tell him that since you never wear it you’re just going to donate it, throw some other clothing items in as well to make it look believable. 

9. Again if he catches you packing the lingerie, tell him you’re helping a friend who needs lingerie for a bachelorette party game. He might be baffled about using lingerie but he won’t know what they heck kind of games get played.

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