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  • Marissa

Living life for your own happiness

The moment we connected on the phone, I knew she was an amazing woman with an amazing story. Rene conveys a strength, passion and genuine kindness that you don't always get to witness. The day she walked in for her session, I was blown away by her presence, she radiated a calm confidence. When we were talking about her reason for doing a boudoir session for herself, the answer she gave so was raw and touching.

As women we always feel like we need to be "on" for everyone else, we simply can't disappoint those we love... Rene decided to change things around a few years ago, she decided it was time to take care of herself, knowing everyone would be better for it in the long run. "I got tired of always being last in everything, I was run down emotionally, physically and knew I was literally dying from an unhappy life. So I started my new outlook on taking care of myself and not everyone and everything else around me."

At first that self care was met with struggle, then people started seeing the effects this self love was having on their loved one. "After a few months, I started getting compliments and questions of what have you done? You've changed, something's different about you. I would just simply say I started taking care of myself and placing myself first and then it just happened. I grew into the person I wanted and dreamed of always being and it started showing on the outside for others to see."

We had a ball during her session, there was much joking, laughter and feeling a reunion of old friends. Rene said she was nervous, but I never guessed it, she came in with guns blazing ready to own the camera. And boy did she!

"I'm a believer of photos. Photos capture moments in our lives that we will never experience again the same way. So I was in awe and shock if I'm honest at the beautiful and rawness of each photo that was captured. I honestly didn't recognize myself in a lot of the photos and then as I opened my mind I began to see what others were seeing in my new change on life. Then I started to glow and feel stronger and to be accepting of who I had become including even my flaws."

As I was going through all her photos getting ready to show her, all I could say was "oh my goodness, she is so stunning" she radiated right off the screen. Her photos captured a woman who was living life on her terms, making sure that she was taken care of and feeling full of life.

Rene is a huge inspiration to me, I am personally guilty of saying yes to others at the expense of myself. I am learning every day what self love and care look like in the context of also being there for those around me. Her photos remind me that its ok to love yourself first, to tell others no and live with passion for what life has to offer.

Do you ever feel like you need to learn to put yourself first a little more? It is perfectly ok and healthy to decide to love yourself first, so you can be a whole version of you to better love those in your life. I'm here to help you if you need a cheerleader, Rene will be cheering you on from the self love side also. She'll tell you the grass really is greener on the other side ;)

"I have had women ask me about my session and stated that they couldn't ever do a boudoir photo shoot cause they aren't pretty enough and I simply say, we as women are taught that we need to be perfect and we simply are not. However, we are exceptional in our own way, flaws and all. Our creator made each one of us the way he wanted us to be. How can we not be perfect he designed us. Trust me it's hard to get past our own self judgement but if we can for a moment peek around the corner and give ourselves some slack and step out and take a leap, we will realize beauty is from within and will glow thru to the outside. I can promise you, people will see it and those compliments we crave with flow abundantly."