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  • Marissa

Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready for My Close-Up

Women tell me all the time half their fear about doing a boudoir session is the unknown in getting ready for it. They're overwhelmed, unsure about what do to and it can seem easier to just throw their hands up and not do it!

I'm here to help you! Every.step.of.the.way! No question is dumb, no question is too small, ask me anything and I will help you make your day magical.

Stretches - In the Prep Guide that will be sent to you, there are recommendations for stretches. I will be having you arch, if your back allows, so be prepared to stretch! It will feel less like a yoga class kicked your ass if you stretch some before!

What do I wear! – Lingerie is great, but you don’t have wear it if you don’t want to. A button down shirt, sports jersey, oversized sweater, or tight tank/shirt and booty shorts are great alternatives. Be sure to try on your outfit(s) prior to your session to ensure everything fits properly.

All the Accessories! – Make sure you think about jewelry, shoes, props, etc. Pack anything you need to get ready for your session. For props, we suggest bringing personal items that are significant to you or your partner – sports gear, dog tags, lab coat, etc. Items such as your grandmothers pearls, a necklace designed by your husband or that ring you bought yourself to celebrate your new job are also wonderful items to incorporate.

Hair and Makeup– Our hair and makeup artist is the best in the area! She will come onsite to our Aiken studio to get you prepped. You decide the what look you want and she will get you ready for those close-ups ;)

Our Location – Our studio is located in downtown Aiken, we have created a space for you to be comfortable in and able to focus on you for the day!

Clothing optional– Everyone has a different comfort level, and we like to be aware and informed of your comforts prior to your session so there are no awkward moments. You decide exactly how much skin you want to show.

Pre-Session Beauty Prep– We suggest getting a mani/pedi a few days prior to your session. If you wax, don’t forget to pencil that into your schedule, as well. If you want to have a base tan for your photos, we recommend beginning to tan a few weeks prior to your session to avoid burning – and remember to think about your outfit and avoid any tan lines that will look bad in photos. We suggest staying away from spray tans, however if you want to do a spray tan, make sure to go where it is applied by an actual technician rather than a machine. Don’t forget to get your eyebrows shaped before your session.

A few days before your session, lower your salt intake to avoid bloating and also eat a light breakfast the morning of. Drink a lot of water leading up to your session for beautiful, healthy skin and get a good night’s rest the night before. Shave and moisturize for beautiful legs. Wear a clear deodorant. Don’t wear tight clothing, bras, panties, socks, etc. the morning of your session or driving to your session. These will leave red marks on your skin and we want you looking your best.

Relax– The most important thing you can do is relax. I will guide you every step of the way during the shoot, you are in great hands! I will make sure you look amazing in your photos, so don’t worry! If you’re uncomfortable, it will show, so just keep calm.

You may still have a ton of questions, I'm here to answer them, simply email me at to get the conversation started. I can't wait to make you feel like the starlet you are!