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  • Marissa

Why Do I want To Get Naked In Front of the Camera????

Recently I was talking with a friend, they had all been at a Superbowl party when one girl mentioned my name and how we should have a girls get together and have me bring my camera. Another friend’s response was “like an orgy?” I know sometimes boudoir can give a sketchy mental picture, sky high heels, crazy big hair, photos that look like they belong on a card in Las Vegas. But rest assured it is an empowering, personal and totally private experience. For one, I don’t do group boudoir sessions typically. Also, your photos are classy and beautiful, not flyer material for The Strip… So here are my 5 top reasons to have a boudoir session. 

1. It can be life changing. Have you ever struggled to fall in love with your body, just as it is right now? Do you see yourself in the mirror and think, “oh I can be happy with myself when I ____”?

Often times we think we need to change something, do more ab exercises, work that butt, lose 10 pounds, etc. before we can be loved by others, or worse by ourselves. Boudoir shows you how beautiful you are today, with the extra pounds, rocking those love marks your babies gave you, without the sun tan, just as you are in all your glory! To finally see ourselves through a new lens, the one many of your family and friends see you through, can really change your life and get you on the journey to self love!

2. They make a great gift. Giving them to your future husband as a wedding gift,  as an anniversary gift or an anytime gift. The best gift though, give them to yourself! They will be a constant reminder to love yourself and walk with confidence into every situation life wants to throw at you, because damn you’re sexy and you got this!

3. Time to be pampered. Prepping for the session, you get to go buy some beautiful lingerie to make you feel sexy sexy. Then the day of the session, we do your hair and makeup for you. You show up comfy (who doesn’t enjoy comfy) and let our talented artist do your makeup and hair. Followed up by lots of gorgeous posing and focus on how beautiful you look. This whole experience, even if you’re giving the photos as a gift to someone else, is ultimately about you. Loving you and showing off the beauty you are!

4. You can “remember when.” My grandmother has photos she sent to my grandfather in the Korean War where she was giving him her sexy pose. I absolutely love seeing her looking so beautiful and knowing what those photos meant to her and to him. When you have your session, you now have that same legacy to leave. One day your granddaughters will say, “wow grandma was a gorgeous babe!”

5. Its fun. Besides building up your love for yourself, the whole experience is fun! I always feel like I have a new friend in each and every client. We spend a few hours together during your session laughing and being girls. I know I’m always up for some fun girl time, in our busy lives we don’t always make time for that. This is your time!

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