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  • Marissa

What in the World Do I Do With a Canvas?

You see how great you look in your photos, oh gosh it would be nice to have that up on the wall. There’s a problem though, you don’t want your kids to see a big canvas of you half naked! So how the heck do you display that wall art?

1. Put it in the closet behind your significant other’s clothes, that way when he gets dressed in the morning and pulls a shirt out, he sees your canvas and is reminded of how lucky he is.

2. Choose close up detailed shots and put together a collection to be displayed. When it’s not showing all of you, its easier to have them displayed. Everyone will just think its seductive and classy artwork that you bought at a store. Meanwhile you get to have a little smirk knowing those photos are actually you ;) 

3. Put them in your bathroom. If your kids have their own bathroom and you have yours, put them up there where no one but you two will see them.

4. If he has a shop. His man cave, shop, whatever he wants to call it, is a perfect place for those gorgeous canvases. He gets to fantasize about his hot woman while working or relaxing in his dedicated space.  

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